Composite fillings are used to repair teeth that are affected by minor decay or damage. We offer composite dental fillings at Executive Park Dentistry to meet all of your dental needs. Composite fillings are white and blend in with your natural tooth color. Our composite dental fillings in Atlanta, Georgia, can be used to improve the function and health of a damaged or decayed tooth.

Our skilled dentist will help you determine which type of dental filling best meets your individual dental needs. Dr. Omar Damji can often place dental fillings in a single visit to our dental office, and our friendly dental team will ensure that the filling procedure is painless and comfortable. After injecting a local anesthetic to make your mouth numb, we will remove the decayed tooth tissues. The affected area is cleaned and filled with a composite filling that is matched to your tooth color. We will them harden the filling.

Our fillings not only help maintain the beauty of your smile, but they are also durable and can protect the structure of your smile for years to come. For more information on composite dental fillings, we welcome you to call or visit our dental office. We are committed to improving your oral health!