A Professional Whitening Consultation Can Help You Find the Safest Method of Brightening Your Smile

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When dark stains set into your tooth enamel, it can leave you with an unappealing smile. Unfortunately, many of the dental whitening products sold in stores lack the necessary potency or safety to fully remove stains from your teeth.

Here at Executive Park Dentistry, Dr. Omar Damji can help you identify the most effective whitening method to safely improve your smile.

During the whitening consultation, Dr. Omar Damji will consider the depth and severity of the stains in your tooth enamel. Then, he will present you with treatment options.

In many cases, this starts with a dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents Dr. Omar Damji uses can penetrate deep into the tooth enamel and eradicate set-in stains. The professional tools and techniques involved further protect your teeth and gums from undue harm.

Dr. Omar Damji can then help you develop daily habits to maintain your newly restored white smile. This often includes cutting back on certain dark foods such as chocolate and dark berries. Cutting back on dark beverages, like coffee and tea, or choosing to drink them through a straw would also help prevent staining particles from having direct contact with the teeth in your smile.

Using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips that have been approved by the American Dental Association can help remove minor stains from the surfaces of your teeth. Preventing them from penetrating into your tooth enamel will go a long way toward preserving your professionally whitened smile.

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and you’re struggling to remove stains from your smile, you should call 404-633-1853 to set up a whitening consultation at Executive Park Dentistry.