Our team is pleased to offer oral conscious sedation at Executive Park Dentistry. Oral conscious sedation is the perfect option for our patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Oral conscious sedation involves taking an oral medication approximately half an hour before your appointment. This oral medication will help you feel more comfortable and calmer during your dental treatment. You will not sleep, but you may not remember portions of your dental visit. Our caring dentists, Dr. Omar Damji and Dr. Ron , may recommend oral conscious sedation if you feel anxious about your dental treatment or if you need extensive dental work.

We understand that many people may fear visiting a dental office, whether it is because they are embarrassed about the state of their oral health or they had a bad dental experience as a child. However, we can ease your dental fears at our practice because we provide oral conscious sedation. You simply take a sedation pill before your appointment so you can feel calm, relaxed and comfortable during it.

To learn more about sedation dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia, and how we can improve your dental experience, please call us at 404-633-1853 today. We are dedicated to helping you have a pleasant, positive dental experience!