In certain cases, tooth extraction can improve the health of your smile. Our caring dentists, Dr. Omar Damji and Dr. Ron , and team only recommend tooth extraction when it is truly needed. We may suggest a tooth extraction in Atlanta, Georgia, if:

  • There is not enough room for all of the teeth in the mouth.
  • The tooth is severely decayed or damaged.
  • Infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth and supporting bone.

There are several other treatments, such as a root canal therapy, that we may perform first in order to try to save a tooth. It is always best to keep your natural teeth, so we will make every possible effort to avoid extraction. However, if the tooth is too severely damaged or our other treatment options don’t prove successful, then a tooth extraction may be the best option to use in protecting your oral health.

Our skilled dental team will ensure that your tooth extraction procedure is painless and comfortable. After the tooth extraction, we will be happy to advise you on possible tooth replacement options. If you are experiencing any type of tooth pain, we encourage you to contact us at Executive Park Dentistry at 404-633-1853 today. We are eager to care for your smile!