Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Keep You from the Treatment You Need

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Dental anxiety is the a type of dental phobia many people experience about going to see their dentist for treatment. This anxiety can be caused be a fear of pain, either because of a previous negative experience with a dentist visit, or from hearing others share their stories of bad experiences. Some people are afraid of receiving injections or that the injection won’t work properly. Some people fear the side effect of the anesthesia they may be receiving, and many have a fear of not being in control while they are sitting through a procedure, feeling vulnerable and helpless.

If you are delaying dental treatment because of anxiety, there are things you can do to feel more in control, and to feel better about your experience. First, do let your dental team know how you are feeling, as your dentist is happy to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. We can discuss ways the team can help you ease your tension. We are happy to explain what will happen next as the procedure unfolds, so that you can know what to expect. You can also work out a signal like raising your arm to let the team know you need to them to stop. Whether you want to rinse your mouth or catch your breath for a moment, we will work with you to help you have a positive experience.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the treatment you need. At Executive Park Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia, we want you to get the quality care you deserve and leave you feeling happy with the outcome. If you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Omar Damji, please call our team at 404-633-1853 today!