Laser Dentistry: The Facts

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Dentistry has come a long way in recent years. In fact, treatments that were once dreaded, like root canal therapy, are now relatively painless. For instance, you may know that many dentists have incorporated lasers as part of their regular treatments. Laser technology can be used to make a variety of treatments more efficient and less intrusive.

Our team can use lasers to treat many areas of your mouth. Laser dentistry is often used as part of a number of treatments, including treating gum disease. Laser dentistry can also be used as part of wisdom teeth removal and other extractions.

Laser dentistry can be used in other fairly common procedures, such as teeth whitening. Dentists could also include laser dentistry in less common treatments. For example, laser dentistry can be extremely useful for individuals who have inflamed or damaged jaws. Similarly, our team can use lasers to help individuals who struggle to speak properly because of their jaw.

Laser dentistry can also be useful because it tends to reduce recovery time and is often less painful. In fact, many treatments that are performed with lasers can be done without anesthesia. Furthermore, implementing lasers can reduce bleeding, damage to surrounding tissue, and the need for stitches.

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