The Foods That Are Healthy for Your Teeth

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If you want strong and healthy teeth, you need to keep up on oral hygiene and visit Dr. Omar Damji for your six-month checkups. However, you can also help your teeth and gums by having a tooth-healthy diet. To help you know which foods can help your smile, we are happy to explain three tooth-healthy foods.

The first foods that can help your smile are vegetables and fruits. Apples, carrots, and celery are great foods for your teeth because they are high in fiber and they produce saliva. This helps clean harmful particles away from your teeth and gums. These foods also help clean your teeth. They act as toothbrushes and they scrape the bacteria away from the tooth enamel. They also contain vitamins C and A. These vitamins boost the health of your oral tissues.

The second food that can help your smile is cheese. Cheese can increase the pH level in your mouth and lower your risk of having cavities. Cheese also has protein and calcium. These are substances that can fortify your tooth enamel and help you keep your smile in pristine condition.

The third food that can help your smile is yogurt. This is because, like cheese, it has calcium and protein. These substances can strengthen the teeth and smile. Yogurt also has probiotics that can push the bad bacteria out of your mouth. This can help you fight tooth decay.

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