Tips for Sensitive Teeth

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Don’t you hate not being able to eat your favorite ice cream or that delicious hot chocolate, all because of your bothersome sensitive teeth? What to do when you can hardly stand the pain? There are a few ways to help prevent sensitive teeth!

  • Avoid acidic foods. Acidic foods expose your dental nerves which will in turn cause more irritation.  For example, try avoiding lemons, oranges, salad dressings, etc.
  • Teeth grinding. If you’re feeling stressed, it is best to relax before going to sleep. People who are stressed tend to grind their teeth more while they’re sleeping.  Grinding of the teeth also exposes highly sensitive nerves which can cause great damage.
  • Don’t brush your teeth so hard. Although you assume adding pressure to your toothbrush will aid in removing stains, it can cause gum recession. It is also important to purchase a soft bristled toothbrush that won’t wear away the layers of your teeth.
  • Avoid plaque buildup. Brushing your teeth lightly can be just as harmful as brushing too hard. Excessive plaque can cause enamel to wear away, which will lead to sensitivity.
  • Last but not least, toothpastes and mouthwashes.  Many whitening toothpastes and mouth washes have harmful chemicals in them that will also cause tooth sensitivity.  Try substituting a different brand that is absent of such chemicals. For example, try products specifically for sensitive teeth.

These tips are a great guideline for everyone to follow!