Your Teeth and Fluoride

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Your teeth have been with for your entire life. They help you talk, eat, and make you look great when smiling for photos. So it makes sense that you’d do all that you can in order to keep your teeth in the best shape possible, right?

Well, if you want to do that, then Dr. Omar Damji recommends you implement fluoride into your oral health routine.

Restores enamel

The biggest benefit of fluoride is that it restores enamel to your teeth. Enamel is the outermost layer of your teeth and protects all of your teeth from cavities. However, our daily diets contain a lot of foods that simply aren’t good for the health of enamel. Soda, sugar, and other popular foods attack our enamel and weaken our teeth’s ability to fight off cavities. Fluoride restores that.

Cleans your teeth

Fluoride also plays a role in cleaning your teeth, ridding the surface of plaque and other harmful items. It also helps boost the health of your gums and overall oral health. The extra boost that fluoride provides is a great compliment to your overall oral health.

If you’re ready to help your teeth out as much as they’ve helped you, then don’t delay. Call us at 404-633-1853 to see what fluoride can do for you.