Early Symptoms of a Cavity Call for Timely Treatment

Along with a consistent oral hygiene routine, attending your routine dental checkups is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. The simple outpatient appointment is designed to clean your teeth while also monitoring your mouth for any sign of gum disease and tooth decay. It also involves our dentist administering a simple screening to detect a developing oral or pharyngeal cancer.... read more »

Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Cavity Prevention Treatments

Even if you have already sustained cavities in the past, there's still plenty you can do to prevent cavities from forming in the future. The more you do to protect your teeth now, the less likely you are to suffer enamel erosion later. Thus, it is highly recommended to establish an effective cavity prevention checklist. Cavity prevention planning is essential... read more »

Three Causes of Tooth Loss and How You Can Prevent Them

There are several reasons why a tooth can be lost, and today we are going to look at three of them and how you can prevent them from occurring. Losing a tooth is not only unsightly, but it can be bad for your oral health and cause misalignment. So whenever possible, our dentist, Dr. Omar Damji, attempts to save damaged teeth. Let's... read more »

The Foods That Are Healthy for Your Teeth

If you want strong and healthy teeth, you need to keep up on oral hygiene and visit Dr. Omar Damji for your six-month checkups. However, you can also help your teeth and gums by having a tooth-healthy diet. To help you know which foods can help your smile, we are happy to explain three tooth-healthy foods. The first foods that... read more »

Achieve the Smile You Desire with Mouthwash

Achieve the smile you desire with mouthwash. Mouthwash is a type of dental cleaner that carries a wide variety of oral health benefits. Depending on your smile’s needs, choose a mouthwash that can safely and effectively help make your smile shine and give you the oral health care you crave. Be careful about which products to use, as some are... read more »

The Facts About Dental Sealants

Do you worry about the health of your teeth? Do you make a habit of brushing and flossing, but wonder what else you might be able to do for your teeth? Would you like to learn more about what you can do to improve your own oral health? If so, we recommend considering a dental sealant. If you do have... read more »

Treating Tooth Decay: The Facts

Have you ever chomped down on a favorite food only to have pain shoot through your mouth? While there are a number of potential reasons for this pain, did you know that tooth decay is one possible cause? Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to address tooth decay. For instance, if your decay is only affecting... read more »

The Stunning Benefits of Dental Bridges

The stunning benefits of dental bridges can be noticed the moment they are installed. Your speech will improve, your eating habits can benefit greatly, and your smile can look immensely better. Don’t spend the holidays trying to cope with missing teeth. Replace your gap with a dental bridge and you will be on your way to a happier and healthier... read more »

Add Mouthwash to Your Daily Oral Hygiene Habits

Adding mouthwash to your daily oral hygiene habits can have multiple benefits. Although there is no substitute for going to the dentist and getting professional cleanings, combined with a daily routine of brushing and flossing, it is true that mouthwash can contribute to your oral health care. Not all mouthwashes offer the same benefits, so it is important to know... read more »

The Different Types of Cavities

You probably know that if you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly you could have to deal with a number of serious issues, including tooth decay. Similarly, you probably know that there is a connection between tooth decay and cavities. However, did you know that there are actually several types of cavities? Due to their wide variation, these different... read more »